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Apothéke 🍸

Welcome to Apothéke

Hey Lovies! Do you remember that first time you watched Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory? The time where you were transported into a world of pure imagination? I don’t know about you Babes but when I go out, I don’t want to JUST go out, I want an experience, like Charlie walking into that factory for the first time experience. Welcome, Apothéke!

Walking into Apothéke, you immediately feel transported into a different era in time. The first thing I noticed was the aroma. A scent that you can’t quite place your finger on. It’s of warmth, musk and how I would expect the room Daisy walked into at Gatsby’s, the moment she started falling back in love with him, the epitome of the roaring 20’s smell....vibrant, fun and classy seduction. This seductive breeze is actually from the antique light scones, artistically hung throughout, that are filled with an absinthe like blend that swirl through the air and dance on your senses 💃🏼

Apothéke has an air of mystery not only within the aroma but within the ambiance, with every detail carefully laid out from the blue velvet couches, distinct art, dark wooden beams and the shimmering chandelier above. Live music 🎶 dances around the room and delights your ears, of course this is nothing compared to the savory cocktails 🍸 you are about to experience. Yes, Loves, this may feel like the prohibition era but the drinks are from the future. Walking up to the beautifully lit bar you meet your dispensing chemist 👨‍🔬 for the night, complete with lab coat 🥼!!

Glancing over the specialty menu, I decided when in a majestic wonderland like Apothéke, I had to take the trip down the RABBIT HOLE 🕳 with Oregano Infused Cachaca, Carrot, Yellow Bell Pepper, Pink Peppercorn and Habanero Bitters. The Dispensing Chemists take the art of spirit mixing to a whole new level. Prepare to watch fire, swirling and mixing like no other as your creation is brought to life.

As more guests of this secret watering hole started to arrive, I found myself lost in conversation from creatives to locals who appreciated this experience as much as myself. Before I knew it, I was outside taking in the crisp Los Angeles air and rollicking in street art that surrounds the outdoor patio from neighboring buildings. With the bar sweeping from indoors to outdoors, I decided to try my next creation, a infused charcoal vodka in the QUEEN OF SPADES ♠️ also with Cucumber Aloe Vera, Lime, Champagne 🍾

With my tasty libation in hand, I started following my new friends back inside for the #TuesdayTreat, a live intimate burlesque show, which you will have to see to believe. Feeling like I was at a five star restaurant but for mixology, I did something I don’t do that often but I had to keep trying these delicious creations. My next choice was the KALE IN COMPARISON 🥬 featuring Fair Quinoa Vodka, pineapple & kale purée, fresh squeezed ginger & lime and a smoked sea salt & sesame rim. I loved how the ingredients were organic and many locally sourced, I mean when you feel good about what you are consuming you definitely enjoy it more, well at least I do 😂

Can’t get enough of the lusty libations or looking for a different type of date night or girls day? Apothéke Academy offers classes teaching you the craft & magic of mixing many of the infused cocktails. With two different classes you can bring your bae to one and your besties to the other. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving, nothing beats a fantastic cocktail especially at your very own private house party or on a romantic date🍸 Some say food is the way to the heart but I think an artfully created libation is ♥️

1. Plan a pre-dinner at Majordōmo and walk through the light covered, art filled streets before heading to Apothéke.

2. This is also the area that was used for filming Season 23 of the Bachelor (Hi, Colton) for the strongest women competition. Apothéke is a must for anyone traveling to LA who is a fan of the show!!

3. Check out the burlesque show on Tuesday night and live music 🎶 on Wednesday & Thursday.

Hope you enjoyed and remember #ismsbabes to always believe in YOU in everything YOU do!!



*Some images courtesy of Apothéke

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