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Believe in Your #ISMS

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Everyone has a unique set of #isms that makes up who they are. They are special, one of a kind and should never be masked. Welcome to the #isms world. A world where laughter & love run deep and where you are encouraged to be you!!  

Okay, now onto my #isms. I am a writer who is horrible at grammar. I am an artist who loves photography, painting, creating and bringing things to life. I am a work-a-holic and an entrepreneur at heart (my fun is WORKING, yes its a thing, haha). I love planning trips, finding the coolest events and sharing my finds with our #isms community. I LOVE working with brands, collaborating and have personally worked in the startup scene and knows what it takes to get a company launched. I love building communities, organizations and working with non-profits. I am clumsy, a giant kid at heart and a wild free spirit. I sing Disney princess songs in the shower, in traffic and sometimes just walking down the streets of LA. I would rather fail a million times than never try at all and trust me, I have failed a lot but its got me to here so I wouldn't change anything!! AND most of all I believe in myself and in you!!

Welcome to the world of Heidiisms. A world that has no boundaries, has no room for hate and is a community of like minded individuals. Please tag #believeinyourisms to share with us what makes you, well, you!! I cant wait to bring you the best of this world, showcase all of you beauties and all our #isms !!

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