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Love Lust LA

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Hi! Welcome to our blog! We are two small town girls from NH who met on a movie set seven years ago and became instant besties.

We have always had a love for LA. For the past seven years our lives have been drawn to Los Angeles moving all around but LA captured our hearts and soul!

From amazing workout spots, hikes, flying a plane, jet setting, ATVing, hot bars, dinners and parties to all of the fashion, beauty and beaches- We have been exploring it all and in style, of course!! We hope you enjoy our blog, crazy Gemini lives and laughs along the way with us. Cheers to 2017 and the start of something we love, lust for and live for....LA! 

You can also follow us on Instagram at Heidiisms and sarahambr to see more of our silly, fun adventures.

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