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“Meet me at Alfred” ☕️

But first coffee, as the saying goes!  

And the saying couldn't be more true- Sarah MUST have her coffee before talkie in the morning- non negotiable. So before we attempt to get any work done, coffee it is. 

We love the hip boutique coffee house flare Alfred Coffee & Tea offers and the quality of their brews.  Heidi takes a Chai Soy Latte and Sarah a Triple Shot Almond Milk Latte.  

On Sunday's the Melrose Place Farmers market sets up right outside their Melrose location (which can cause the line to wrap out the door- but it's worth the wait).  We love grabbing lattes and then strolling through the farmers market grabbing fresh produce and flowers for the week ahead.   We also have a blog post on the Farmers Market 🌼 

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