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Coffee, Write?

We couldn’t start the new year off without our java drip.. 🙌🏻 and thanks to our friends at Carrera Cafe we were able to fully sip in the last year of LoveLustLA. Yes, it may look like magic, but Carrera Cafe will completely customize your name & or picture on your Coffee! Through the awesome app “Coffee Ripples”, you can upload your name, logo, headshot, or maybe even your resume 😅 the options are endless! LoveLustTip: get your digits scrolled across your latte and “accidentally” swap coffees with that cutie over in the corner. 😅😘 Once we tasted our LoveLustLattes we were smitten with this adorable spot. They also have a wide selection of tasty bites. Ranging from healthy fresh salads to savory gluten free vegan vanilla sprinkle doughnuts 🍩😋 This Instagram worthy hot spot on Melrose has constantly changing outdoor artwork, a beautifully detailed floor for coffee selfies and hip neon signs peppered throughout. Next time you find yourself in West Hollywood, make sure to stop into this lust worthy location earning our smooch of approval. 💋 LoveLustList: 1. Download the app Coffee Ripples & design your logo & or pictures before you get there. Present the number the app gives when ordering 🙌🏼 2. The writing & foam on your coffee must be made with real milk (although your coffee base can be made with almond or soy milk) 3. Take a picture outside by the pink Paul Smith wall or the always changing Carrera Cafe Wall 4. Don’t forget to use the restroom for the HELLO black & yellow sign 5. Enjoy Babes ☕️🍩 

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