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It’s official babes!! Spring is in the air!! With daylight savings time this past weekend and Spring coming in less than two weeks, bikini season is creeping up on us faster than the rising LA apartment rental rates. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Don’t worry LoveLusters, we are bringing you LA’s hottest workout studios & most effective fitness classes to get your booty & body back in summer shape- while having fun along the way of course! (Still working on trying to solve the LA rental market rising for you Babes- check back soon 😂)

Our first stop is at BoxUnion💥🥊! Located on one of our favorite beach front streets in Santa Monica, the famous Ocean Ave. This modern action packed boxing work out changed the game for boxing classes, just like our beloved SoulCycle did for spinning. To begin, your instructor comes out into the studio entry area and begins by welcoming everyone, giving a run down of what’s to come in the class and gets everyone pumped up. Once it’s Go-Time, you entertain dimly lit room. It’s our fave to work-out in because darkness somehow brings forth calmness, focus, and a reminder to work on yourself, not focus on others in the room. Once you find your specific bag- get ready to rock- the lights are low, the music loud, and the energy buzzing. With dynamic upper and lower body movements, use of weights, and of course the bag, up to 800 calories can be burned per class and over 2000 punches thrown- you’re guaranteed to leave feeling like a badass, and gain confidence as your body becomes stronger. After a few consistent classes at Box Union, you’ll have ALL the confidence to rock that summer swimsuit👙 

BoxUnion was the perfect transition from working on our spiritual health to working on our physical health. While working out at BoxUnion, your fearless instructor leads class with inspiring, motivational messages that bridge the body and mind to empower not only your soul but your spirit. Shout out to our instructor Deja! Deja, our badass leader shared her personal journey on overcoming fears which inspired us to challenge ourselves even harder. Life can be tough loves, but with this amazing community at BoxUnion, we were reminded that we are all in it together! 

BoxUnion with your amazing beats, boxing moves, and inspirational instructors, you earn our smooch of approval 💋.


1. Keep your eyes peeled for their new Robertson Plaza location coming soon! 2. Reserve a bag away from walls or posts (while it may be nice to be on the end, having free space to fully execute movements is key) 3. Don’t worry first time boxing babes, Box Union has everything you need, wrist wraps, gloves, water, and towels!* 4. Check out the BoxUnion Starter Pack!! 3 Classes + Free Gloves & Rentals for your first class for only $35 5. Ask about their private coaching and even at home coaching 🥊💥🔥

Love our threads? Check out the whole line at Fierce & Regal ⚜️ .....AND catch more of Fierce & Regal’s amazing workout line all this week during our March Madness Hottest Workouts & Studios Tour 👯‍♀️💫 *Additional Fee May Apply  

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