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Hot Pilates 🔥

Looking to turn up the heat on your current workout? Head over to Hot Pilates and feel the burn. There’s nothing we love more than heated workouts! This one-of-a-kind studio combines the toning effects of Pilates + a heated environment = pure workout bliss. Yes babes, this class is heated to 95 degrees to help you sweat out all the toxins & stress of your daily grind. Hot Pilates is located beneath the coveted bird streets of Los Angeles right admidst trendy Sunset Plaza. Upon walking in the doors, you’re instantly greeted with a feeling of zen and positive vibes, and feel as if you left all your problems on the buzzing streets above. 

Whether you’re a Pilates Pro or a newbie to Hot Pilates, all of the classes are suitable for beginners to advanced. Classes include: 1. Hot Pilates 2. Hot Pilates Sculpt 3. Hot Pilates Booty 4. Hot Arms Abs A$$ 5. Hot Yoga Sculpt 6. Hardcore

As you enter the room, you’re muscles and mind are welcomed with the warmth and you start by selecting your spot! There are little fire signs which help to guide your mat placement. Lay down your mat, towel (water!) and grab the appropriate props for class, typically 2-3 lb (you can go heavier or lighter if you wish) weights and either a band or a Pilates ring depending on what’s needed for the particular class. Each class begins with a few deep inhales and exhales, then it’s go-time to tone, sweat, and stretch your way through fifty-five minutes of hot pilates magic. You will feel every inch of your bod toned and tightened and leave feeling like a sweaty sexy rockstar. There’s no other studio in LA like this, and we are obsessed with not only the vibes, but the results !! Goodbye stress, Helllllooooo bikini bodies 💓👙

LoveLustTips: 1. Bring a yoga mat & yoga towel (if you forget- no worries babe, you can borrow both*) 2. Wear comfortable attire that is breathable and sweat wicking 3. Breathe deep & embrace the heat - you’ll thank Hot Pilates for your bikini ready bum this Summer! 4. Go 2-4 times a week for extra booty lifting benefits! 5. Try out the new client special- unlimited classes for only $100 a month !!** 6. Check out the juice shots, amazing variety of waters & juices and our favs Tkees available for purchase after class 💓

*Additional Fee May Apply **Class & Client Specials May Vary or Change  

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