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Museum of Selfies 🤳🏻

Looking for a new museum to explore?... That just so happens to also deliver some of the best insta worthy opportunities in town?! Or, perhaps you have friends in from out-of-town and you want to give them that LA pop-up museum experience? Or, maybe, just maybe, your bestie is out of town this week 😢 and you’re looking for a fun place to explore !! Well, look no further, because The Museum of Selfies is for you🤳🏻 !! Tucked away in Glendale, this museum is convenient for our Valley girls, but also close enough for our Westsider’s to take the adventure ! Yes babes, they even have the legendary KK selfie book 📚 for sale!! 

How is this Museum is different? This museum has fun selfie spots AND photo facts along your journey to not only stimulate your selfie cravings but also your brain 🧠 Don’t worry babes there are plenty of photo worthy hot spots at this museum. If you have been to the Museum of Ice Cream 🍦, Happy Place, or Candytopia you know just how fun these pop-up museums can be; but, the selfie museum takes it one step further with fun informational facts and historic dates 😎. We mean, did you know what year the first selfie was taken? If women or men take more selfies? Or- which country tops the charts for the most selfies taken ?!? While this museum is smaller than the other museums, they make up for their smaller size in knowledge, interactive experiences, & price 💗

How long should I plan on visiting? Well babes, every selfie journey is different but we recommend planning at least 30 min to one hour to get the full experience. 

LoveLust Top Selfie Spots: 1. Black & White Historic Room 2. Pose with larger than life entrees 3. Selfie Instagram (try moving in and out of the frame) 4. Bathroom Mirror Room 5. Boxing 🥊 Room 6. Take a pic with the Selfie Car 🚙 7. The No Shoes Room 8. The Selfie Throne 9. The Colette Miller Angel Wings 

1. Don’t forget to add your favorite pic to the selfie wall between the no shoes room and selfie throne. 2. Bring a selfie stick for added fun!! 

Have fun babes and enjoy getting your selfie on !!  

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