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Roof Top Spin? Get your Ryde4 On 🚲

Looking for a little indoor/outdoor roof top spin? Um, yes Babes, that IS possible in our beloved Los Angeles !! After our morning stretch by the crashing waves in Santa Monica, we made our way to the Third Street Promenade, which is the Mecca in SM for shopping, cute coffee & juice shops and everything you could ever want and need all in one spot. One stop shop, we like that. 

Ryde4 is conveniently positioned on the roof deck of Burn Fitness right in the heart of the Santa Monica Promenade and puts a whole new spin on the spin experience! When you get to Burn Fitness, go “all the way up”! You’ll land on the roof deck where you’ll be able to take in the beautiful view of palm trees 🌴, rolling ocean waves 🌊 , and breathe in that fresh beach air 💙.   

We love the outdoor check in and fun chill beach vibes of Ryde4. Once you check in and get your spin shoes (if you don’t have your own) you’ll be given a heart rate monitor which will be key to tracking your individual progress during the class. We love that Ryde4 uses heart rate monitors which help you to determine how hard you need to push yourself during class. 💪🏼They have friendly TV monitors on the walls that show where you rank in the class according to your heart rate and how many calories you‘ve burned. Don’t worry if you’re shy and don’t want your name in the lights, you can pick any name; so, we went with WonderWoman and SuperGirl 🙌🏼 We will let you babes guess who is which super hero 😝 

Okay, so let’s get to what we all came for, the Ryde !! Ryde4 has tons of fun themed Rydes to get your blood pumping and your mind dancing while you sweat that stress away. Prepare to s w e a t babes! Not just a light sparkle or glisten but head to toe dripping sweat 💦 just the way we LoveLust like it. This class can be modified if you want to take it easy but with our super powerful riding alter egos we thought we might as well take it to the next level!! Your talented instructor keeps you going during the ONE HOUR weekend rides or the 45 minute week-day rides. Your session is fueled by motivational words of encouragement spoken by the instructor and awesome music mixes 🎶 pumping throughout the room 🙌🏻.  

After your Ryde, plan a little time to stretch on the vista worthy roof deck and take in all the beauty before you head down the the street to take on your day. But now, fully energized thanks to our friends at Ryde4  💙 !  

Ryde4 with your beachy vibes & fun themed rydes you earn our smooch of approval 💋 

LoveLustTips: 1. Free 90 min parking is available in the Promenade parking garage 2. New Ryders take advantage of the $10 first Ryde Special and set up your online profile before your first class for an additional 7 day unlimited spin* 3. Wear breathable comfortable activewear (we wore @jalaclothing) 4. Set up your (chosen) name so that you can track your intensity, calories burned, and heart rate during class 5. Bring Water 💦 6. Let Ryde4 know LoveLustLA sent you 💋💙

XO LoveLustLA *Specials and Offers May Vary 

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