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CoAqua 🥥💧

Coconut water lovers REJOICE. If you’re anything like us and you’ve been on the hunt for the perfect coconut water to compliment your hydration & electrolyte needs then you‘re in luck because the search is over !! 🙌🏻 Yes loves, we have tried ALL of the coconut waters out there and we are seriously in LOVE with CoAqua💓 !! Not only does CoAqua have the taste & quality covered, but their packaging is sleek and sexy too! We like that. CoAqua just delivers, literally & in every way possible. This tasty coconut water arrives right to your door step packaged to eco-friendly perfection. Um, did we mention that shipping is free?!* Yes free, few things in life are free, but CoAqua is just sweet like that 🙌🏻😎. Inside you’ll find sleek, recyclable ♻️ glass bottles complete with baby blue & white swirl compostable paper straws, I mean, could CoAqua be any more cute and thoughtful?! Swoon now babes 😘 

CoAqua picks their coconuts from the trees at the ripe age of only 6 months which creates the perfect ripeness to deliver you delicious sweet flavor (FINALLY)!! Upon first sip we were seriously shocked at the taste- legit as “ridiculously delicious” as they say!! It’s super refreshing with just the right amount of sweetness, and has no additional sugar added. What we learned was, Yes, younger IS in fact sweeter- and older- just doesn’t taste as good— well, when we’re talking coconuts, that is 😜 So yes, it’s time to trade in your former coconut water for this sexy, younger, sweeter, Premium Coconut Water.  

With Wellness Week LA coming up and just a few short weeks away, we already had fitness on our minds; and now we’ll have our trusty side kick, CoAqua by our sides! To keep us hydrated, refreshed and glowing through it all!! CoAqua is naturally gluten-free like our very own young bombshell Sarah 😝 but don’t worry non-gluten-free babes like Heidi, this coconut water passes the test and tastes like pure heaven 💧 And, not to name drop or anything but Nylon Magazine has also raved about this sweet young thang!! We found that CoAqua blends perfectly with our lifestyle- from working out to business meetings, shooting and writing, we can sip it in the morning, through the afternoon, and even use it as a cocktail mixer for dinner with the gals 🙊👯‍♀️. We are sharing our favorite healthy, sexy & barely legal version of CoAqua with you babes below: Lusty CoAqua🍹 1 oz CoAqua 1.5 oz Mezcal .5 oz fresh squeezed lime .25 oz agave Shake until frothy. Pour over ice in a hi-ball glass with a lime zest grated over for a smoky, sweet finish. Lastly babes, if you sign up for emails with CoAqua you can take $10 off your purchase today!! CoAqua with your deliciously sweet & refreshing taste, your eco-conscious concerns, and your complete cuteness that pairs so seamlessly into our active and busy lifestyle you earn our smooch 💋 of approval. *free shipping within USA 🇺🇸

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