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Wellness Week LA

Hey Babes! We had so much fun running around Los Angeles for Wellness Week and wanted to share some of our highlights and new found knowledge with you guys !  

We started our week off with a mini, much needed post-Birthday Weekend detox at Sauna Bar in Brentwood. We loved the individual pods that wrap your body but leave your head and face out so that you don’t sweat off your makeup- a perfect option for the detox girl on the go! Each pod is lined with 440 activated crystal jade stones which aid in the detox and healing process. Relaxation & realignment here we come ! 🙌🏻 From Sauna Bar, we headed over to the magical self-discovery studio, Knockout LA, in Playa Del Rey. We took the fun and freeing Caribbean Carnival inspired Socanomics dance class and had the best surprise ever- we got to meet one of our greatest dance idols- the lovely, strong, and inspiring Julianna Hough!! We left feeling empowered, and will definitely be back to try another class ! Next stop was over to Moore Dancing in Brentwood for a Hip-Hop action packed choreographed routine. We think dancing may just be our new favorite cardio. You will get sweaty here babes- be warned ! You’ll also get an amazing endorphin rush from all of the dancing! 👯‍♀️💃🏼 After all of the sweating and beautiful weather, we took our Wellness journey to Santa Monica to check in with Simples Tonic. We love that Wellness Week not only included options to exercise the body and mind, but also to nourish and heal the body from the inside out. We absolutely loved the variety of Tinctures, Teas & Tonics Simples offers to revitalize and heal. After Simples, we had an exclusive VIP tour of Bulletproof Labs! Yes babes Bulletproof has a lab where they can heal, diagnose and train- stayed tuned- because we are going back to explore more! We loved sharing our journey with you, and we hope we’ve given a peak into Wellness Week LA.  XO LoveLustLA 💋💋💋 

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