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Yes babes, you heard that right, we are officially a #Winegeleno thanks to our new hot spot, The Blending Lab, the only winery tasting room in Los Angeles (not on a vineyard). Okay, we may start geeking out or shall we say wine-ing about our new love that breaks down our love of wine to an exact science. Yes, it’s true when you swoosh your wine around your glass, smell the fruity or oaky aromas and taste the sweet or dry wine everything within your senses is triggered- scientifically!! With The Blending Lab you can take your favorite wines and fine tune them using all of the fun beakers & test tubes you used back in your high school days to create a wine drinking experience that is pure magic 💗 

This trendy tasting room is located in one of our favorite neighborhoods right on West 3rd St on the Weho/Beverly Hills line. Upon walking in, you’re immediately taken back to the most classy science 🔬 room meets eloquent tasting room to exist -annnnd it’s right in the the heart of Los Angeles 🍷🤓🙌🏻. Let’s be honest, if we were mixing wine back in high school we would definitely all have an A in that class. With periodic table inspired wine bottle racks, a beautiful tasting bar, and an actual blending lab complete with a blackboard for instructor led courses, we felt ready to dive in and create our LoveLustLA signature blend! The Blending Lab has many classes to choose from too, from tastings to sip & paint and creating your own blend & bottling!!  

We love how The Blending Lab varietals are truly LA made with grapes 🍇 sourced from California but made within a quick commute of the tasting room near the Farmers Market/Grove. We started our experience with two reds, a Cab and a Zin. To start, you get to try each wine 🍷 separately and write down what you like about each one. Then comes the fun, the blending!! Using beakers & test tubes you carefully measure amounts to finely tune your perfect blend. Sarah & Heidi both love the 85% Zin, 15% Cab blend but we had plenty of fun figuring out and trying to find our favorites. Trust us we never had mistakes taste so good 🙊 Afterwards, you can make your very own bottles, corked in the lab. We can’t wait to return and give you Babes the full run down of LoveLustLA goes to wine school 101!! Coming soon!!  

The Blending Lab with your creative approach to one of our favorite hobbies 🍷 and award winning LA based wines, you earn our smooch of approval 😘 

XO LoveLustLA 💋💋💋 

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