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Free Y o u r s e l f & HEAL

In true LoveLust fashion, we’re continuing on our path to discover and try out new ways to become our best, brightest, most free, vibrant, healthy, happy selves out here on these LA streets, in hopes that what we share can help you guys too, because we all deserve to look and feel our best from the inside out! 🌟🙌🏻 We’ll be the first to admit, that while out here on the frontline, it’s definitely not always easy or all rainbows 🌈 & cupcakes with sprinkles (although Georgetown Cupcakes on Robertson does a great job at providing those if that’s what you’re looking for ;p ). Life is full of ups and downs including roadblocks & luckily some easy passes. LA is comprised of a unique culture that tends to heighten this rollercoaster ride of life, particularly if you happen to be a creative in the Industry, the highs can get really high really quick, and then the lows can be super low. Whether you’re currently living in LA, or if you’re involved in the Industry or not, we are all navigating through this journey of life. Today, we are circling back to healing, and thus we‘re discussing a form of healing that is quite popular out here in LA, but isn’t as openly discussed and explored in other parts of the country it seems. We’re talking H E A L E R S. One specific healer to be exact 😘 but we’ll spill more on her in a minute! LA locals tend to drop references to their trainers, their therapists, their yoga masters, gurus, AND h e a l e r s- super casually out here- but if you’re a newbie in this realm, we’re here to break it down for you, and to fill you in on the power that you have within you, that may just be locked away just needing to be dusted off. Enter healers: healers are people that can help facilitate exactly that, healing. As humans we go through life, we pick up, and take on more and more as we grow through life, and sometimes those things that we take with us no longer serve us. Sometimes we discover that some of our biggest obstacles standing in our way, may in fact be ourselves. Healers can help with that. Healer’s can help you to unlock and to discover root causes that may be limiting your ability to reach your fullest, highest, most expressive, healthiest, most confident self, by providing you with new tools to assist you in the process of understanding yourself, discovering yourself, and teaching you your own innate ability to unblock, clear, heal, and awaken parts of you that may be holding you back. We know that sounds like a tall order, just like our Venti lattes 😋☕️, but we promise the tools are out there! 💓💫🙌🏼 Enter Kelly. And note, that not all healers are created equal. Our beautiful friend Kelly, has quite the school of knowledge and credits behind her to ensure that you are in the hands of not only a truly gifted healer, but a true professional. Kelly’s studies include Bio-Resonance at WDS-Global Advanced Bio-Energetic Medicine, The School of Modern Herbal Medicine, Metaphysics, Thai Shiatsu Yoga Bodywork at the renowned Kitpalu Center for Yoga and Health, and she also teaches yoga and meditation. Kelly is the owner of Sacred Space Studio and Awakened Health-Abundant Life. YES- she’s the REAL deal Loves. ✨ What’s amazing about Kelly too is that she can work with you via phone and it is just as effective as working with her in-person. We started our journey of working with Kelly way back in March and a majority of our sessions have been with her over the phone. She’s truly incredible. So what does Kelly do exactly? Well, spoken by the healer herself: “I simply help people live their dream. I intuitively find the blocks that keep them stuck or playing small in unconscious limiting patterns, and through powerful directed energy techniques, I clear the blocks so people can step into freedom and embrace their infinite potential, abundance and success”. 💓 So how does she do this? Well in short, she uses a variety of mind-body tools including ancestral healing, theta, tapping, intuitive tracking and more. And let us tell you, if you’ve ever fallen into theta, it’s literally the B E S T feeling ever. Kelly provides tailored/custom work for each of her clients and gets to know you on an energetic soul level from your initial consultation. She begins with a comprehensive initial and thorough assessment that can be sent right to your inbox, making it so accessible with our smartphones these days ! She provides an initial questionnaire for you to fill out, because “When you put things in writing, it really helps to define the energy and beliefs we are shifting” Kelly says. Then comes the tailored experience! Each individual’s experience will vary depending on what needs to be worked on. She then follows up with a tutorial to go over your next first two weeks, via youtube video that is customized and accessible for you to privately access and view. We love that you can do all of this healing from the comfort of your own home if you choose ! For us, she also began with an initial energy reading, proceeded by personal and individualized guided daily meditations as well as, and in Sarah’s case, special sleep tracks to help with insomnia! But again, we are all uniquely different in our own way, which is why each session is personalized. She teaches you new practices that you can incorporate into your daily life such as breath work and tapping as well. We are all dealing with something that may be holding us back from our true selves, or from where we want to be in our career, or in life in general, and whether that’s self doubt, fear, physical pain, anxiety, depression, or other physical health concerns, Kelly can truly help. We are B E Y O N D excited to share her as a resource to you, because she’s helped us each so much. It’s time to go reach those goals, and achieve those d r e a m s babes because YOU can. You can learn more specifically about what Kelly does here. After working with Kelly over the course of months, we can truly say that we have experienced life changing shifts. Kelly with your generous gift of healing abilities we give you our LoveLust smooch of approval!! 💋💋💋 XOXO 💋 LoveLustLA  

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