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LunchBox Wax

When in WeHo, we Wax with LunchBox Wax. 😎 Yes babes, we were getting tired of our razors, and we knew that we were destined for an easier, quicker, smoother way to de-hair and get bare in style! In true LoveLustLA fashion we are bringing you the w h o l e experience from start to finish- with the best of the best in the LA waxing game- welcome Loves, to LunchBox Wax.  

We absolutely ADORE the girls over at the WeHo LunchBox Wax, who thankfully kept us laughing through our (temporary) screams 😮Yes babes, waxing does hurt, we are not gonna sugar coat it! Remember the scene from the “40 Year Old Virgin” ? Ahhhhh.....Kelly Clarkson!!! Yah. That was basically us!! 😂 AND if you were on Santa Monica Blvd you may have heard us from the street! BUT...There is good news, the more you Wax, the softer your hair gets, making it easier to wax, which equals less pain & less time, delivering you lovelust worthy results: smoother, bikini beautiful skin, lasting for weeks longer than shaving ever could. We like that!  

We love how LunchBox Wax breaks waxing down to a science 🔬!! With highly trained, personable staff that know exactly how to get each strand of hair removed quickly & efficiently, they tailor each wax experience to you. That means catering to your needs during the service, which includes a specially designed wax customized for sensitive skin, and they can keep you talking, laughing, relaxing, guiding you through breathing exercises, or providing you with informative (and happily distracting) wax knowledge !! Whichever you prefer! This makes the service soooo much better, we even played our own personal playlist to get us through some of the tough spots, thank-you Nicki Minaj! 🙌🏻

Don’t worry men, they not only have Brazilian Waxes for the ladies, but they also offer Manzilian Waxes!! We can’t wait to further share our waxing journey with you babes- stayed tuned for more info- we are heading back for round two in four weeks !! Oh, and if you can’t wait to de-hair & get bare, purchase your 1st wax & the 2nd one is f r e e, it doesn’t get much smoother than that !! For our FULL experience check our insta-stories! XOXO 💋 LoveLustLA  

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