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It’s been a WEEK...

Hello Loves! This week has been beautiful, bold & busy with that Harvest Moon in Aries on the 24th. With all this new energy this week we made sure we took time for healing, self-care, beauty & of course a little LoveLust fun 🙈!!

We started the week by continuing our journey to heal ourselves from the inside out. We fell in love with In8Love and right when we walked in we immediately felt the healing magic of this instagram worthy chiropractic zone, located right in Santa Monica. Sarah is a chiropractic veteran although it was Heidi’s first time. Whether it’s your first time, or you‘ve experienced chiropractic healing before, you’re in good hands at In8Love. They make sure to get to know you on a deeper level- like a BFF level- and everyone not only knows your name but it truly feels like family!

Okay, here is the quick In8Love experience rundown: first, you’ll start with a deep personal assessment of you, your history, your body, your first boyfriend (JK.. but they do really get to know you!!) followed by X-rays. This appointment will take about 45min- 1 hour. After your initial assessment is complete, you’ll book your follow-up appointment to go over your X-rays & treatment plan followed by your first adjustment. Check out our journey under the In8Love tab on our highlights and catch us at In8Love for the next 3 months. 💜

Next, we stopped back to visit our friends at LunchboxWax in West Hollywood. We gave you Babes the full rundown of the Brazilian in an earlier post, but with the BOGO offer they are currently running, we couldn’t wait for round two. It’s true what they say the second time around is always easier!! Like 95% less painful and quicker than the first one! We were blown away. We are now officially waxing addicts- will be waxing for life- good thing it’s bikini season year round in LA and we have the perfect reason to justify our new love. Thank you Lunchbox for making it simple, quick, easy and fun to look & feel our sexiest smoothest selves 💗

With healing and hair checked off our LoveLust to do list, we jumped into Teeth Whitening with our new teeth angel Lana from Carte Blanche mobile teeth whitening!! We’ve wanted to take our smiles up a notch for a while now! And Yes babes, you can have beautiful, pearly white teeth all from the comfort of your own home. Fun fact: did you know each time you whiten your teeth (even with crest white strips) you’re supposed to go on an all white diet for 48 hours from the time you stop to ensure the best results? We didn’t either! Carte Blanche walked us through exactly how to care for our new pearly whites!!

Our final stop was for a little Lunchtime fun at The Butcher’s Daughter in Venice Beach. We loved meeting other bloggers, YouTubers and creatives alike as we went down a culinary journey with Trumer Pils.

Catch all the fun we had this week on our stories, highlights and live videos!! We can’t wait to share next week with you babes!! 💋💋 LoveLustLA 

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