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Fall Fashion: The Hair Edition

Ready for my Haircut at Ken Paves Salon. Pictured in the beautiful outdoor courtyard at the salon.

It’s that season. Fall is in the air and soon pumpkin spice lattes 🍁 will be all the rage. It’s also the time when major hair transformations take place. For me, I always was on a cycle swinging from Summer Bleach Blonde to adding some Dramatic Fall Low Lights. Is anyone else on this cycle? If so, you probably were in the same boat I was, with major breakage and perma-face layers. I decided something needed to change if I wanted to grow my hair out. So, I ditched my Summer Ashy Ice Blonde to Warm Fall Goddess flip up and followed these Steps below:

Step One: Just Say No to Bleach

Okay, I love you bleach but we have to breakup. I am accepting and embracing my natural color and you only cause me damage. I can't keep up with the back and forth and yes, its me and not you BUT Don't worry babes, I have found a way to add color pops with no-heat, no-damage extensions- keep reading below.

Step Two: Dry Shampoo & End Serum

You know what they say... out with the old and in with the new. I found a new love affair to replace my bleach addiction and its with dry shampoo. Hello, Lover!! What's my favorite dry shampoo on the market? I have been crushing on Batiste in Cherry 🍒 scent for about a year now- so, yes its serious, we are going steady. For my ends, I turn to Paul Mitchell‘s Gloss Drops. This classic moisture drench will make sure your ends are fully hydrated. Just two quick tips loves- a little goes a long way and just the tips of your hair babes. OH, AND My hair only sees water about once every FOUR days 🙈💦

Step Three: Quality Shampoo & Conditioner

Finding the right Shampoo & Conditioner can be quite the task (Hello Goldilocks) with so many brands out there. It took me a while to find two brands I love for my shower seshes, Raw Sugar Living's The Bounce Back & Davines Love Line (so cute right?!). I alternate between shampoos and my hair has transformed into a new Luxurious Lady. YES...You can thank me later.

Step Four: Sleep Club

Rule One of Sleep Club: Never go to bed with wet hair. Rule Two of Sleep Club: Ponies are cute but not for sleeping. I learned having a loose braid and silk blended pillowcase can dramatically help with sleep breakage. I recommend only buying a silky pillow because if you do both silk pillow & sheets, your pillow can go flying if your a night tosser like me.

Step Five: Build your Relationship with your Hair Artist

Finding and building a great relationship with your hair stylist (I call mine an artist) is key. When you find someone who has the same #HairGoals as you, you NEVER let them go. Welcome, my hair artist, Benjamin Nelson. Benjamin won my heart over after going on a 2-3 year hiatus (yes, I know how bad this was for my hair). It seemed I found all the wrong stylists when moving to LA until I found the BEST out there, Benjamin. With a mostly female client base, Ben's personal mission is to, "Enhance the natural version of you, rather than to try and make you look like someone else." A mission after my own heart. Catch the LOVE and Benjamin at Ken Paves Salon.

Step Five: Using Extensions to add color pops vs. Dying hair

For me, getting that mousey dirty blonde- light brown hair with no dimension is well just the pits AND not the new Peach Pit that is still on Melrose through the 30th of this month!! I found with I-Tip extensions you can customize placement of your extensions and add that face framing POP we are all desiring without any or very, very little damage to your hair. With extensions you can also have them "rooted" meaning they will reverse balayage blonder pieces to match your roots for a seamless blend.

For my extensions, I rock Silx Global Hair. I have tried about 5 different lines out there and again, little Goldilocks over here, found the ones that are just right!! I love this company for not only their mission but their hair colors and thickness of the extensions. They offer hand-tied & I-tips and they even named their colors, just like my favorite nail polishes. I can now easily remember my Heaven & Sultry (I mean could a Gemini ♊️ really get any better names)!!

Okay Loves, there you have it: Who I turn to & How I get my Insta-Worthy Hair is all above AND now for a special BONUS below, The Step by Step Picture journey through my fall cut at Ken Paves Salon at the beautiful West Hollywood Location.

Step One: The perfect wash (the scalp massage is soooo amazing)!!

Who else only gets dry cuts? Benjamin introduced me to this style and I will never go back.

Dry cutting is perfect for any hair texture but amazing for those with finer hair.

Benjamin meticulously cuts every strand to fall perfectly.

With Dry Cutting you can really focus on giving hair body and dimension in the cut.

An Artist in Action

All Fall Fashioned for the curl...

Alternating your curls help from the curl clumping that can happen with thinner hair.

I see YOU, Fall hair

AND I know cutting out color can be really hard SO if you must color your hair, balayage is the way to go and I hands down recommend Benjamin. He creates that lived in, surfer- cali blonde balayage that you can go months in-between the color.

Hope you Loves enjoyed and head over to my IGTV for a full VLOG!

xx Heidiisms

Always believe in your #ISMS 💋

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