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Bat those Lashes with LashClubLA

Looking for the best LASHES in West Hollywood? How about younger, plumper, healthier looking skin? Did you ever feel like you had to choose just one? 🙋🏼‍♀️ With lashes sometimes we sacrifice our skin not to disrupt those lovely lashes. Well out with those old practices and Welcome LashClubLA!! 💜

Want younger looking skin & the best LASHES in LaLaLand?

I have tried a lot, yes a lot of lash places and I always felt like Goldilocks 👱🏻‍♀️ because the lashes never felt just right. Some lasted but didn’t look the best, some didn’t look the best but lasted, some were too long, the wrong shape for my eyes or didn’t fit my personality & style. Then I tried LashClubLA and I was hooked🎣 Located in trendy West Hollywood, this club is one you want to join! Especially now that you can get the LED light therapy Anti-Aging Facial at the same time as your fills. No more worrying if you get a facial it might ruin your lashes or trying to time getting into a facial the same day as your fill all while dodging LA traffic 💁🏼‍♀️!!

Okay, let’s jump into this remarkable facial! Right from the start you’re welcomed with soothing lights & sounds which instantly soothe away any stress coming from the bustling city streets right outside🏙 This facial is a mix of a skin brightening, gentle exfoliating and LED light therapy all mixed with warm white towels in between to thoroughly clean those pores. The results were amazing and kept looking better and better in the days to come.

Warm up with Warm Fuzzy White Towels during the Anti-Aging Facial @LashClubLA

Head over to @LashClubLA and let them customize your perfect lashes to compliment your eye 👁 shape and personality and indulge in the Anti-Aging Facial Package!! Trust me you will leave feeling your youngest, best looking self. Don’t forget to get a boomerang in the beautiful mirror while walking out because you will look & feel gorgeous girl 👧🏼!!

Want to watch the full Anti-Aging experience head over to my IGTV 📲



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