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Unsolved Mysteries: Fortnite’s Durr Burger, Is it still in California?

Let me start by saying, I’m not a gamer although I have heard about Fortnite probably from my brother who is an avid gamer. Also, if you‘re quickly scrolling, No the Durr Burger 🍔 is no longer at this location still appears when you Google “Durr Burger” on Google Maps. I know there are not many articles that clarify this online. Now with that said, here is my journey into learning more about this mysterious Durr Burger that magically appeared & then disappeared in the desert.

How I learned about the California Durr Burger: I posted a TikTok about the Magical Nipton located in California’s desert 🌵 and my Tiktok community told me about the life-sized Fortnite Durr Burger that had magically appeared. I had never heard about it before but I love the desert, art and anything top secret or mysterious so of course I was all over this.

The internet has a lot of articles but very few pictures of the Durr Burger, which I found strange. Normally around Los Angeles, when something cool, strange or new happens thousands gather and influencers & bloggers flood the internet with photos. At first, I was wondering if the Durr Burger was real and was very confused but then I found some videos showcasing the whole area along with special codes you were given, phone numbers and more for those visiting. I could not find anything about the current status and the last dated picture or article was in 2019.

Knowing it was probably a long shot but after three months of quarantine, a mission to the desert where usually no one is around for miles🌵 in search of a life sized Durr Burger 🍔 sounded like the perfect socially distanced unsolved mystery & activity.

After about an hour and a half of a car ride, we arrived in the middle of nowhere in the desert. I pulled the videos out from people who had visited before me and sadly the burger was no where to be found but some really strange phenomenas seemed to have happened since their pictures & videos.

One the area where the Durr Burger was at is now in what appeared to be a river bend or hollowed out runway of sorts. There was a ripped off top to a car and a couple car parts in the dirt but no cop car. The strangest part was the energy in this part of the desert. It was vibrant and bold. In the area where the Durr Burger 🍔 was now lies a square tree unlike anything I had never seen before. I quickly googled what this could mean and all searches kept telling me these types of trees can be portals. I also learned that the Durr Burger 🍔 had supposedly arrived via a portal.

I’m so interested in what actually happened to the Durr Burger. If you know please comment below. I am also know that this is now 1-2 years old but please think about your first time you heard about this mysterious burger in the middle of the desert and the excitement it brought you. This is what I’m feeling now. Thank you so much. I can’t wait to learn more and you may see me playing Fortnite now 💗 ~Heidiisms

*Some images of the Durr Burger are uncredited photos found online.

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i know where it is, I took it, its in my garden, My friend simon butcher ate it all

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