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Self-Care: Time to Smile LA

Hey Lovies!! Let’s talk smiles, pearly whites & our gum health!! So, first things first. What are your Self-Care practices when it comes to going to the dentist?

I surveyed some of my friends and here were the results broken down into three groups. Group A (about 25% of my friends) go every six months like clock-work, Group B (about 25%) try to go every six months although it ends up being more like a year in-between visits and Group C (about 50%) half haven’t been in a while, some said years, but they know they need work done.

When I asked my friends in groups B & C why they hadn’t been, two answers kept coming up, either they were worried about money, scared of going to the dentist or time just got away from them. I have always been a Group A girl and it’s been like clockwork until I became self employed and I was sitting in my dentist chair saying, “I don’t know how it’s been a year.” I couldn’t believe that time got away from me like that. I have always been a huge fan of going to the dentist 🦷and actually wanted to be one when I was younger before I realized looking at needles makes me queasy and I am a germ-🦠a-phobic 🙈💕

I was thinking about all the other appointments I make- nails, hair, spa services and was really upset that I became so lax on scheduling one of the most important self care visits out there, The Dentist. Seeing the dentist regularly can help with reduced tooth decay, fewer cavities, less dental work needed and what is equally important helping with GUM HEALTH.

Let’s dive into these because our Oral Health can be the cause of so many other ailments- from gut issues, infertility, heart disease & cardiovascular issues, cancer and so many more!! It’s all connected!!!

The bacteria 🦠that causes plaque & tarter build up can get into your body and can make you very sick. We are conditioned to think if you don’t go to the dentist you may lose of tooth but the reality is, your MOUTH is the gateway to all of your internal organs and overall health.

In our mouths, we can have up to 25,000 different types of bacteria and some of these are directly linked to certain types of cancer!! These pesky bacteria digest & eat the sugars on and around your teeth then basically go to the bathroom by secreting waste (yes this is soooo gross) that comes to form the plaque on your teeth. I wanted to share this because it’s going to live in my mind, and be the driving force of getting me in to my dentist every six months, no matter how busy life gets. Sorry Loves but no potty mouth here 🤣 Literally!!

If it’s been a while since the last time you made a dentist appointment, I am urging you to make your health a priority, remember our teeth & enamel are parts of our body that don’t regenerate cells, so if you neglect your teeth permanent damage may be done which is even a bigger reason to always be making 6 month visits as now you might acceptable to more bacteria.

For my LA community, I absolutely LOVE my dentist @smileladowntowndentistry and highly recommend this amazing team. I did a lot of searching when looking for my dentist and I am happy to highly recommend this amazing team and Dr. Kourosh. You can learn more by clicking HERE.

Cheers Babes to making clean & healthy teeth and gums part of our Self-Care ritual ✨

xx Heidiisms

Always believe in your #ISMS 💋

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