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Heidi's Holiday Shopping Secrets

Frame Denim at 260 Sample Sale

Looking for the perfect gift for everyone on your Holiday List but your bank account can't handle your designer taste? Its okay loves, I know that feeling AND there is a solution. You don't have to settle for Target one-stop shopping trips, well okay, Target is never really settling (love you Target) but you can get the hottest items for your sister, brother, mother, father or significant others list. Welcome to the World of Sample Sales!! Yes Loves, all your favorite brands from Frame Denim to Hot As Hell, For Love & Lemons, Rag & Bone, and so, so many more at HUGE, like 70-90% off discounts!! Ready to run out and score the hottest pair of denim for $35? Keep Reading!!


So let's dive into how to find your favorite brands. You can head over through any of these clickable links to 260 Sample Sale, Chicmi, Eclipse Sample Sale or Surkus. I am a huge fan of Surkus too! Haven't heard of Surkus? It gathers cool happening events, sample sales and nightlife for you to attend all free of charge and usually no line!! Click HERE to sign up today.


Now back to the Holiday Shopping Secrets. Sample Sales can run anywhere from one day to one week. If your looking for new items, one of a kind or particularly rare items you will want to go early, wait in line (sometimes an hour before they open on the first day) and wear a full bottom bodysuit or bathing suit. Most sample sales have limited or open dressing rooms if any. So make sure you wear something that you can easily and comfortably change in and out of in front of others. If you can, grab a bestie to watch your new found items while you change. Yes, it may be the Holiday Season but sample sales can be very hectic, especially the first day. Think Hunger Games of Clothes.


Now on the flip side every day they usually start marking down items at a sample sale, so an item that was originally $595 marked down to $75 on day one of the sale may only be $25 on the last day. The Sample Sale strategy is all up to you. For my favorite brands, I usually make a FIRST and LAST day appearance. Cheers Babes, Happy Holidays and Happy Sample Shopping 🛍

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