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Heidiisms Summer Travel Series: Part One

Hey Lovies!! I’m so excited to bring you my Summer Travel Series with quick trips from Los Angeles to nearby California vacation destinations 💁🏼‍♀️

Today we are going to be exploring the magical desert in Joshua Tree and then off to San Clemente & San Diego Areas with my experience at Disneyland, Legoland, San Diego Zoo and USS Midway Museum. So, as they say on Big Thunder Railroad, “Hold on tight Loves, Cause this is the Wildest Ride in Wilderness” or something like that 😂

One of my favorite places to escape the LA city hustle & bustle is down in the desert, specifically, Joshua Tree. If you have never been to Joshua Tree you are in for a treat. From my first sighting of a moon rise (yes, a moon rise is real- stay tuned below), to the unique desert 🌵wildlife and desert energy (maybe from being on one of the most famous fault lines in the US) to the fun art that is intertwined throughout the town, Joshua Tree has a little something for everyone.

Let’s start with the absolutely beautiful MOON rise. If you want to catch this amazing treat you can see this fun home @originalhomewithadome on IG & book on AirBnB !! On my first night out in Joshua Tree ever, in the hot tub with a glass or two of wine in me 🙈and miles of open land that’s a hop, skip and a jump from the Joshua Tree entrance, I saw a bright light coming over the mountainous ledge that lies beyond the backyard. Immediately I thought of the movie Armageddon and when Ben Affleck makes his return to his team on the asteroid ☄️!! Do you remember that scene? Knowing how far fetched that sounded and that I was probably on my second glass of wine my next thought was...... aliens 👽!! Okay, I now completely voided off my wine and was getting ready to run indoors. Thankfully I took a minute and watched it slowly get closer, larger and brighter. I realized this was the moon rising up over the mountains. I took a long deep breath ah, no aliens, no Ben Affleck, just the beauty of nature.

Now we journey to the quaint town that surrounds Joshua Tree on Twentynine Palms Highway. Some of my favorite instagramable stops were the barber shop, art queen, the gas station and so many more on this main road. You could really spend a whole day exploring & taking photos here.

Let’s now get to the meat & potatoes 🥔!! I love this saying and I have no clue why 😂 Joshua Tree has so many iconic places to visit from Skull Rock, to Castle Mountains, to an abandon house remains and miles upon miles of nature. I would give at least one full day to explore the National Park, although you could spend way more time if you love nature like me!! 💕✨

Okay babes- Now onto my San Clemente trip that also included Disneyland, LegoLand, San Diego Zoo, USS Midway Museum, San Clemente State Beach and a little local shopping in the beachy towns of Solana Beach & Carlsbad 🛍

I was so excited to have family in town and what’s the best place for kids and big kids like me? Theme Parks, of course, including Disneyland!!! Now this was my first time at Disneyland, growing up on the east coast- I had only been to Disneyworld. We chose San Clemente to rent an Airbnb up in the hills overlooking the ocean 🌊!! San Clemente is approximately half way in between San Diego and Anaheim so it made the perfect central location. I also loved how quick the beach and the local grocery store was to the house!!

Some quick tips for large families:

1. Renting a large Van can help save on parking in theme parks & museums. We loved the San Diego Go Pass which included Legoland, San Diego Zoo, San Diego Zoo Safari, USS Midway Museum and so many more! Click HERE to check out the Go Pass!!

2. Disneyland can get very busy. Buying the MaxPass for an additional fee and using via the app is the best way to go in my opinion. We loved how after the parade & fireworks the park cleared out and you could practically walk onto any ride.

4. Ride The Matterhorn!! It was everything I dreamed it would be (although it is a little rough and bumpy) since they DO NOT have this ride at Disneyworld.

5. Lockers at Disney & Disney Adventure parks saved us for outfit changes and taking pictures in the park. For my insta babes or anyone with extra bags, they have lockers you can put all your bags to enjoy after your done shooting. There is a tram to and from your car so the time to go out and in could take 20-30 min each way.

6. If you have kids or big kids, they have stroller rentals which can also be a great way to carry around your extra belongings or items you buy 😂

Here was our park breakdown:

1. Disneyland: walked 11.2 miles, spent a whole day 8am to Midnight

2. Disneyland Adventure Park: Walked 9.7 miles spent almost a full day from 11am to 10pm 3. USS Midway: Walked 1.8 miles, Spent 3 Hours (to fully explore I would recommend 4-6 hours)

4. San Diego Zoo: Walked 7 miles, Spent 5 or 6 Hours, there is a lot of walking and we did not cover the whole Zoo. A full day is recommended to cover the whole zoo.

5. Legoland: Walked 8.4 miles, Spent a full day exploring.

Some day trips included:

1. Solana Beach & Carlsbad Shopping

2. Laguna Beach

3. San Clemente State Beach

I can't wait to showcase more summer travel coming soon & including Splash House in Palm Springs, a secret desert glamping retreat close to Area 51 and Catalina!! Make sure to subscribe today Loves so you don't miss any of the action and remember to always believe in you in everything that you do!!

xx Heidiisms

Always believe in your #ISMS 💋

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