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Review of NOVA LED Mask by Spacetouch

Updated: Oct 13, 2023


Spacetouch Nova Mask

Hey Loves! I’m so excited to share with you once the most technologically advanced beauty devices that I have ever tried, the Spacetouch Nova Mask. This FDA cleared, NASA powered, hypoallergenic, full-face Skincare LED mask fits your face & neck (all at the same time) like a glove and uses near-infrared light to bring youth and vitality back to your skin. 

Spacetouch Nova Mask

So you are probably going to ask how can this be? Let’s break down all the facts about the Nova by Spacetouch. The Nova features 690 LED Points to rewind your cell activity with near-infrared light. Did you know, near infrared light is so important that even NASA has invested into using near infrared light therapy to maintain the health of astronauts in space? 

Spacetouch Nova Mask

So you might be asking why would I want to use near-infrared light in my beauty treatments? Near infrared light, or known as the dream light, is the only light that filters out the most effective wavelength from the sun. With no side effects, unlike other light waves, it has been nicknamed the "light of life", that can reverse the signs of aging and breathes youth and vitality into all it touches 🩷

Spacetouch Nova Mask

So now let’s jump into the different types of light available through the Nova. The Nova features three different wavelengths to improve elasticity, reduce dullness, whiten the skin, and stimulate collagen production. The Red Light focuses on collagen production, and reduces dullness. The Pink Light manages problems like wrinkles or discoloration. The Blue Light kills bacteria, whitens the skin, treats acne, and scars caused by acne. The best part is you get all three lights in this one device.

When I first received my Nova it came shipped directly to my door. When unboxing, I found my VIP membership to register for a lifetime membership & warranty. I also loved the Spacetouch information booklet with so much information on each type of light and the many uses. I loved how the Nova beauty mask also comes complete with a charging stand. 

Spacetouch Nova Mask

When starting to use the Nova device you always want to make sure you fully charge your device before the first use. I was so eager to try it right away! When starting out I learned want to use for 3 times a week for the first four (4) months, or as recommended by your skin care specialist. I started with the Pink Light to target my skin discoloration and Melasma. I have been using for about two weeks now and have been loving my beauty sessions. The light seems to dance around my face and I feel energized and refreshed after each beauty treatment. Each treatment only takes 30 minutes and I love incorporating into my morning routine with some light meditation 🧘🏼‍♀️ After two weeks, I have been noticing more oxygenated and regenerated skin! 

To try the Nova by Spacetouch for yourself click HERE ❤️

Can’t wait to share all my future results with you, Loves!!

xoxo Heidiisms 💋

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