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In8Love: My Chiropractic Journey

Hey Loves! Ever wonder what it’s like to start chiropractic care? I am breaking it all down for you babes, from the fears, the unknowns, the adjustments, the X-Rays, and more!! So here we go Lovies, we are jumping on the chiropractic train 🚂 & healing from the inside out!

Step One is choosing the right chiropractic office for you & your needs. Being an LA blogger and constantly stalking IG, websites, eventbrite and many others to bring you babes the best of the LA one name kept coming up, from an Alo Yoga instructor to online reviews, and several media sources. Welcome In8Love Chiropractic. Located in sunny Santa Monica on the Brentwood line, right off the 405, it’s an easy commute from any direction!!

I reached out and absolutely fell in love with energy of In8Love right from our first interaction. Before I knew it, I was chatting it up with Dr. Tanya herself in the most Instagram worthy office I had ever been to but In8Love is way more than just a cute appearance. Dr. T takes the time to get to know you, your lifestyle and to my surprise was able to identify issues I was having before I even said anything. I was blown away especially when the X-rays revealed the same exact things!!

Now babes, chiropractic care does require commitment, so you need to fully dedicate yourself but you can do it for YOU!! We set up a vigorous schedule of 3x a week for 3 months. Just remember Uptown Girls and Dakota Fanning, “Fundamentals are the the building blocks of Fun." Don’t worry your time will greatly be rewarded as you are investing in YOU.

I find myself looking forward to my visits and love the sense of euphoria and peace each adjustment brings. Don’t worry to my easily bored & distracted babes 🙋🏼‍♀️ you constantly are graduating, getting new exercises and they have fun tv & iPad monitors throughout to keep you focused with motivational quotes, facts and even your own chiropractic history!!

You have probably watched me wobbling in the wobble chair, practicing yoga on the vibration plate, dancing around in my posture noodle, and catching some Christmas Tree magic on my adjustment pillow. All of these exercises help hold and train your muscles for moving forward through the chiropractic journey.

Three months for me seemed to fly by faster than I knew and I started feeling a little bittersweet 😢, I was going miss my Chiropractic Angels 👼🏼 (Victoria has nothing on these amazing ladies 🤫) if I graduate to only one day a week. Thank goodness by body heals backwards and my stubborn neck (What? Not me. Who’s stubborn 🤣) wanted to heal in reverse. See my new X-rays and night & day difference on my spine and neck flexibility, which normally comes after the curvature correction but my body like me, also likes to march to the beat of its own drum 🥁

So here I go Loves on my next Three Month journey with In8Love, two times a week. Thank you so much for sharing my journey AND remember #ismsbabes to always believe in YOU in everything YOU do!!



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