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Welcome to #Heidiisms

Believe in your #ISMS

Hey Loves! Thank you for taking this Blogging Journey with me. I can't wait to bring you all the best of Los Angeles with my silly, fun loving #isms !!


I know before making any big decision, and yes, following a blog can be a HUGE decision, I always try to gather more information, so here it is. I am an East Coast girl with a West Coast soul. Los Angeles has always been the city of dreams to me and I am so excited to build a community of dreamers who believe in their #isms. Okay, so what are #isms exactly? They are all the things that make-up you, like your special mannerisms. They are all unique, special and should never be masked. This is a community where you are encouraged to let your free-spirit, quirky freak flags fly high.


Still reading? That's a good thing!! Okay, now onto topics that will be covered on the blog. You can expect lots of Los Angeles, from restaurants to events, fashion, cool brands, the latest fitness trends, acting, modeling & influencer tips, and everything that makes up the Heartbeat of LA. As our community continues to grow, I will also be showcasing other #isms Babes with their amazing stories, maybe even yours AND last but certainly not least there will be travel because let's face it a girl needs her roots and wings!!

So here we go Loves......


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