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What does NAUGHTY mean to you?

Heidi is wearing the Long Mesh Dress in Beige available on The Naughty Girl Shop.

We live in a world where we are taught never to make mistakes, naughty is bad, perfection can never be achieved, never to break the mold and to stay at status quo. Well, we AREN’T having it anymore.

How do we learn right from wrong if we can never be wrong without ridicule? How do we know what sets our souls on fire 🔥if we are scared to color outside of the lines? Why do we strive for another persons version of perfection when our flaws are what make us beautiful? Why stay at the status quo when we were meant for so much more?

If you feel the same then welcome to a new world, where you can take off your rose colored glasses and be proud of who you are, all while being surrounded by positivity.

So let’s get back to the main question at hand, what does NAUGHTY mean to you? Does it mean bad? Sexual? Disobedient? Rude? Wicked? That is, by book, the definition but we’re not in the world of living by book definitions anymore.

Heidi is wearing the Sequin Bodysuit Gold and Pants available on The Naughty Girl Shop.

I first had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful woman, by the name of Sienna Sinclaire about a year ago at one of her NAUGHTY events and my first impression was here is a woman who is confident, successful, who isn’t afraid to break some molds, be 100 percent true to who she is and that is exactly what she has been doing.

Sienna is paving the way for a perfection-obsessed society to learn how to love and accept our physical bodies in all shapes and forms, how to cultivate confidence from the inside out and become aware of our sexual nature - learning how to own our power without the shame and guilt conventional institutions have attached to it. If this is what being on the naughty list can achieve, sign me up! Sienna’s work has included hosting events, travels, books, workshops, private coaching and now to her very own boutique, The Naughty Girl Shop.

Join me in giving this truly amazing #BossBabe some major LOVE for her new launch and check out all the amazing styles that resonate with you HERE and read more about Sienna Sinclaire HERE !!


Always believe in your #isms 💋

*Some information taken from:


A Naughty Entrepreneur with a Passion for History & Foreign Land

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